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Top 5 Benefits of Text Messaging Marketing

Text messaging marketing involves sending text messages to mobile users who have opted-in to your mobile subscriber list. The basic premise is to remind consumers your company exists, which leads to repeat sales and customer loyalty.

Mobile phone users keep their phones near them at all times and they love to receive and send text messages. The key to text messaging marketing involves providing a discount, a free item, or something else that the consumer finds valuable.

But how does text message marketing actually help small business owners?

Here are 5 of the top benefits a text message marketing campaign can bring:

1. Get Instant Sign-Ups From Customers
Text message marketing is a great way to establish an instant connection with your customers and potential customers. By getting consumers to opt-in to your mobile list, you now have permission to communicate with them via text messages to offer coupons, content, and information.

2. Consumers WANT What You’re Offering
By opting-in to your list, consumers are giving you their permission to stay in touch. Studies show that many consumers want to receive special offers on their mobile devices from the businesses they like doing business with.  Just make sure your messages are useful, timely, and valuable in order to keep unsubscribes down.

3. Text Messages are Opened and Read Instantly
Consumers today love to text! Approximately 95% of text messages are opened and read; better yet, these messages are instantly delivered. They are also quick, concise, and easy to read. So they’re the perfect way to really get in front of your target audience.

4. You Can Say a Lot With a Little
Text messages do not have to be long to achieve their desired result. In fact, your messages can only contain 160 characters if you want to fit everything within one text message. Furthermore, consumers today like to receive short, quick messages due to their busy lives – so keep them short and simple for the best results.

5. Text Message Marketing is Cost-Effective
Text messaging is quick, easy, and concise. Even better, it is also cost-effective compared to direct mail since no paper or postage costs are used in their transmission.

Furthermore, the cost to send text messages is very minimal – in fact, it’s just a fraction of traditional marketing costs.
As you can see, text message marketing is a great way to grow your local business and keep your customers coming back to do business with you.


Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Apps

A mobile app, or a software application for mobile devices that centers around your company, has become almost essential for success in today’s business world.

In fact, some studies indicate that a majority of mobile users use apps more often than they access the Internet. This means if you are only using a traditional website as a marketing tool, you may be missing out on a large portion of your target audience.

You’ve probably heard about mobile applications, but are not sure if they are the right fit for your business. To help you understand the benefits a mobile app can bring, here are some of the top benefits of using mobile apps to grow your business:

1.   Easy To Use

Not only will your business appear more technically savvy, but apps tend to be visually cleaner and easier to navigate than traditional websites. So your app users will appreciate the ease of use, which means they are more likely to actually use it.


2.   Ability to Quickly Reach Your Audience

With a mobile app, you’ll be able to reach more people faster and easier than you have before. In fact, your app will be right on your users’ mobile device screens for easy access. With push-button notifications, you can quickly send out offers and messages to your users, which they will receive immediately.


3.   Builds Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps are the perfect way to stay connected to your target audience. Since they will have your app readily available on their mobile devices, they are likely to think of your business when they need your type of product or service.


4.   Increased Customer Contact

A mobile app will make contacting your business an easy, one-touch process. Because of this, you’re increasing the likelihood that customers will do just that.


5.   Competitive Advantage

Having an app will convince potential and long-standing customers that your business is ahead of the digital curve. Not only is this great for branding purposes, but it will keep them interested in your company vs. your competitors.


Thanks to the popularity and ease of apps, all businesses should look into the possibility of getting one if they want to keep up with – and hopefully surpass – their competition in the coming months and years.





Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing